libbi ponce

‘moonflower’ (dog #1)


Polystyrene resin, polyurethane, limestone, expanded perlite, ethylene-vinyl acetate polymer, attapulgite, sanded grout, iron oxide, acrylic, expoy resin,

47.6 lbs, 4’x4’x3’


moonflower was created after a ceramic figurine found in Ponce's family china cabinet. The hutch was being discarded and a collection of stored and never seen ceramics was laid on the kitchen countertop. Most likely a replica of an ancient figurine, moonflower is a medium-large living dog size.

‘flor de luna (dog #3)’


2 lb liquid urethane foam, polystrene resin, adhesive, sanded grout, resin, vintage Sears marbleized plastic tiles, wood,

63.5 lbs, 3’x2.5’x4’


flor de luna is the third dog sculpture which combines research on the Andean hairless dog with cartoon influence.

‘untitled (Sad Blue Dog)’


Polystrene resin, polyurethane, chickenwire, styrofoam, adhesive, steel, sanded grout, aqua tie-dye pigment, resin, polished black granite, wood

31 lbs, 2’x3’x3.9’


‘untitled (Sad Blue Dog)’ is the second dog created. They come from a collection of magnets from Ponce's grandparent's house in Plant City, Florida which depicted dogs of all colors sitting with objects like the sun, a flower, or wearing a hat. untitled (Sad Blue Dog) sits on a pedestal of hand-cut, polished black granite.