libbi ponce

artec space spider of my nightmares
steel, handblown glass, silicone

Artec space spider of my nightmares (ASSOMN) is a rendition sculpture of a (professional grade) 3D scanner, animated to render its namesake, composed of Oxy-Acetelyne cut 16 gauge steel and handblown, iridescent glass. The body of the spider is formed through handblown, iridescent glass, connected to metal legs with exposed heat patina and Oxy-Acetelyne cut texture. Within BASE REMOVED, ASSOMN takes the role of the antagonist, projecting a tension that takes form as ‘halo ring’ directed towards owl_butterfly_star_heart_bird The scanner itself appears at first to be an iron, or other banal domestic item. But in reality, this $25,000 3D scanner is now outdated.

photo credit: Tom Winchester, Jason Lazarus, Libbi Ponce