libbi ponce


(2019) 360° video 4:35 mins

(Synopsis written and first presented by Offsite Project and Dateagle Art as part of Spread The Virus Vol. 2, Filmed in 360°, 'Fernanda' tells the everyday story of families split across borders, seen from the perspective of Ponce’s 9 year old cousin Fernanda. Taking place in Ecuador, over the new year period, Fernanda takes us through city streets as fireworks explode overhead, announcing herself and optimistically greeting everyone in the Estados Unidos. Later she tours us through her home, asking busy relatives to say hi to the camera as they help to prepare the holiday cena. Overlapping this backdrop Ponce introduces fragments of footage, showing ceremonial burnings of Disney icons and the 3d scanning of cultural artefacts, speaking to the post-colonial influence the United States has on Latin America and the status technological prowess grants one nation over another. These deeply complex conversations run parallel to the unbridled joy Fernanda takes in exploring the platform her cousin’s camera gives her to speak to the world.

‘FERNANDA’ has been screened at Modern Forms, UK; FLEX Fest, Tampa, Florida; Indie Grits Film Festival, SC;